Success at Synchrofest!

Posted: Feb 1, 2019

Last weekend 6 of our teams traveled to Oakville, Ontario to compete in the newly renamed Synchrofest competition. It was an exciting weekend as this marked the first competition for our Beginner 1 team this season.

Gold Ice did not disappoint, bringing home 5 medals and a set of Gold standard ribbons!

The Beginner 1 team was excited to get out and perform in front of a judging panel for the first time. With a big Gold Ice cheering section in the stands to support them, they skated their Farmers themed program flawlessly. The team earned a gold standard on 3 out of 4 elements and a Gold standard overall!

Eager to show off their hard work since Bill Phillips, Gold Ice Pre-Juvenile stepped out onto the ice with confidence. Following a perfect skate they glided into the lead heading into the final. In an incredibly close and competitive category, our Pre-Juvenile Chefs were thrilled to take home a silver medal overall after two fantastic performances.

Our Juvenile zoo animals and zookeeper started their program with attack, however technical difficulties held them back from receiving personal best scores. Taking home a bronze medal, these 17 skaters are motivated to train hard in preparation for the 2019 Ontario Regional Championships!

Dealing with a last minute injury and having to compete one skater short, Gold Ice Pre-Novice came together as teammates to put out two beautiful performances earning the Gold medal overall. This team has come so far over the past two years, having to overcome many challenges. With their passion for the sport and trust in each other we know that the sky is the limit for these athletes.

Coming off of a silver medal win at Winterfest, our Novice team has also been hard at work making improvements on their program and had their sights set on a new personal best score at Synchrofest. Also faced with challenges, a sick teammate the day of the competition meant teaching one of our skaters a brand new spot, the team rose to the occasion and earned a new personal best score! With two solid skates they successfully defended their Synchrofest (formerly Synchro Capers) title and brought home a Gold Medal.

Finally it was time for our Adult 3 ladies to take to the ice. Looking to improve on their performance from Winterfest, they too earned a season’s best score and won the Silver medal overall!

Next up our teams are preparing for the 2019 Skate Ontario Regional Synchronized Skating Championships February 8th – 10th in Aylmer. Gold Ice Junior is currently in France competing at the ISU French Cup.