Synchro Capers Competition Recap

Posted: Jan 31, 2017

It was a very busy weekend at Sixteen Mile Sports Complex in Oakville this past weekend as 6 Gold Ice Teams competing in the 2017 Synchro Capers Competition.

Saturday morning started off with 17 very excited little skaters. Synchro Capers is the first competition for Beginner teams. There were a lot of early morning butterflies as our youngest team prepared to step out onto competition ice for the first time. As one of the youngest teams in the category (ages 6 to 12), the Ice Cream girls held their own, placing in the top 6 and qualifying for the Gold Final. An even stronger second skate moved them up to 4th overall out of 13 teams and only 0.20 away from the bronze medal! Way to go ladies, we are so proud of your progress!


Coming off of their Winterfest win, Gold Ice Juvenile was eager to prove that they are more than just a “one-hit-wonder.” Our firefighters came out with a bang, earning 32.11 in their first skate, an all time personal best for a Gold Ice Juvenile team. They nailed it again in the second skate and came away with another gold medal. In two weeks the Juvenile team will compete for an Ontario Regional championship title. They can’t wait to get back on the ice working hard towards their goal of standing on top of the podium.


The final team to take the ice on Saturday was our Gold Ice Open cowgirls. This high spirited and speedy program once again energized the crowd and had everyone dancing in their seats. They had two solid skates and came away with a silver medal.


Sunday morning the Elementary Astronauts took to the ice to show off their hard work over winter camp. Some unfortunate mistakes in the wheel and block elements meant they would not advance to the Gold final. Heartbroken, the girls banded together, determined to display what they are really capable of achieving. A perfect second skate gave them a seasons best score of 19.60 and a gold medal in the silver final. This score was also the third best score in the entire category of 23 teams! We are so proud of this team for their perseverance, determination, and teamwork.


Next up our Adult 3 ladies were also excited to compete for the first time this season. They put down a clean skate and advanced to the Gold Final. A strong second skate placed them 5th overall and just 0.21 out of medal position.


Finally it was time for Eclipse Adult 1 to put on a show. These girls love to entertain – and they did just that. The audience loved re-living their boy-band craze days and were clapping along to the music of NKOTB, Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC. Two fantastic skates earned them personal best scores and the silver medal.


Gold Ice is now preparing for the Ontario Regional Championships which are being held February 10th to 12th in North York. All 7 of our teams will be competing to be crowned the best in Ontario. Good luck to all teams!